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AJU is a brand designed by two young entrepreneurs from Amsterdam. Being from a country where it frequently rains, they were both fed up with how umbrellas never keep us entirely dry and break so easily. So they set out to find a solution and agreed that it was time to say: “AJU Paraplu – meaning ‘see you later’ in Dutch – to the ordinary umbrella.”

This is how the idea was born to literally turn the design of the umbrella inside out. The inverted system of the AJU was devised with several key advantages in mind. It is easier to open and close in small and crowded spaces, able to better withstand wind, and stays drier after use. AJU hopes that our product will improve the umbrella industry and bring the perfect combination of quality, functionality, and design.

So why is it that our umbrella is known as the inverted umbrella? We at AJU believe the ordinary umbrella was actually designed wrong and it is the one inside out. AJU is how the umbrella should be.


Our mission:

”To keep you fashionably dry”